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We want to THANK everyone who came to Splat's first Pop-up at Matverkstaden from

April - August 2023, what an amazing journey it has been! From idea to reality and all of you who came out to embrace your MESSY side, so much FUN was had! 

This is not the end, but we are now planning for the NEXT PHASE. 

Our partnership and pop-up with Matverkstaden was a first trial, to see what Splat would become, how it was experienced and how we can make it even better.

Now we are busy crunching data, asking for feedback, absorbing it all in. 

We have welcomed friend groups, multi-generation family outings, after-work Friday, birthday parties, möhippa, company team buildings, retirement parties, even a band music video!

Truly thank you for making this dream come true. 


Stay tuned in early 2024 for our updates here and on Instagram. (#splatfabriken).

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