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Looking for a new experience? Is your home or office needing some custom artwork? Trying to decide what to do for your upcoming hen party, company team building, or friends gathering? 


We would love to host you.

Below you will find our sessions, what to expect and how to book. 

If you don't find what your looking for you can always give us a ring or send us an email.


Every Splat Session includes your own station equipped with:

  • Canvas (40x50cm) to bring home, size upgrades available

  • Full access to our range of paint colours 

  • Brushes, paint shooter, splatter stick, water bucket 

  • Protective Gear (painter overalls, protective eyeglasses, gloves (latex-free), hair and shoe covers

  • Take home box for transporting your wet masterpiece

  • up to 60 mins studio time (although we doubt you'll need more)


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Splat Fabriken is located inside Matverkstaden, a restaurant and event venue with great range of food and drink from locally sourced produce. Check out their pages to find what's on for events and menu. We are part of the Lokstallarna, the railway workshops in Kirseberg, Malmö that have a history that stretches back more than 100 years. 

Why not explore the area, enjoy a meal and drinks before or after your Splat session to compliment the experience?


IMPORTANT: Dress for mess! 

While we provide you with protective covering, this is a messy space and you can expect to get paint on your skin and potentially clothes and shoes. Wear items you are ok to get Splatted on. even better, bring items you WANT splat on!

Leave valuables at home. We do not have lockers to store while you are painting. We have boxes you may store your valuables inside and bring to your station, at your own responsibility.


1. Put on Gear

We provide you with painter's suit, latex-free gloves, hair and shoe covers. 

We think dressing silly helps us act a little silly.

2. Out of your head

Moving your body helps to stop overthinking, we play great music, these easy stretches prepare you to splat and dancing a little doesn't hurt!

3. Throw paint

Choose your paints, load your brush, cup or shooter and unleash! Follow & play with the spontaneous movements of the paint. Add layers until you feel it's done.

4. Love your art

Place your art inside a take home box. When dry hang your art at home!

Our team will be available to guide you and show you techniques and tips if desired.

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